Magical Vampire facials


At least there are half a dozen modern facials of today which are hi-end , exotic and latest in the beauty market.

PRP facial in which injections are given of PRP- platelet rich plasma after being prepared from persons own blood who is undergoing for the treatment are very good for anti ageing as the potion is very rich in the growth factors (PRP) hence helps in enriching skin truly and also it gives a rejuvenated look and glow to the skin which lasts longer than any other facial possible! Also, this erases the already set wrinkles a bit and definitely prevents new from forming. This facials start somewhere from 15,000/- and go upto 25,000/-per facial session depending on the area of face and the amount of PRP to be done.

PRP facials also called in the West as Vampire Facials whose result will last as long as 8-10 months where other magical medical facials result generally persist on only till 1-2 months depending on the kind of facial done and type of skin, etc.

Ageing Is a dynamic process and daily due to breakage of the collagen fibrils we loose strength and skin becomes loose and lax besides also with age the growth factors reduce in circulation which aids this process besides other factors like stress, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc which causes ageing to show more. PRP is definitely a one-up above Botulinum Toxin as its natural and preventive besides being palliative! Also PRP can never go wrong or produce any possible side effects when done in trained hands and prepared well.

Downtime is 12 hours as there can be alight redness of face besides general sore feeling on face at touching.

Side effects is nil possible as from patients blood and since it's a blood product it leads to no bruise either.

Age group early 30's to 70.

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