Dr. Bhardwaj in cases of Acute Telogen Effluvium which is a short term case of severe hair fall after doing blood tests or a special hair examination liked to inject a hair vitamin. This contains a patented mixture of vitamins which induce hair growth and makes the root feel stronger and hence the hair won't fall.


PRP stands for platelet rich plasma therapy. It is a new modality of hair loss treatment, firstly brought forward by Dr. Greco in USA. Finally, there's a research-based, medical approach to reversing hair loss that encourages new growth of your own hair! Cell therapy for hair growth, an innovative treatment offered by PRP Hair Replacement Therapy, offers you the renewal you need to have a fuller, healthier head of hair.


Cell therapy is unique because it relies on your body's own cells for growing hair. The human body fights disease and repairs damage to all of its organs—including the skin cells that grow hair—using a distinctive type of cell called a stem cell. These cells are powerful because when they divide, as all the cells in your body do, they don't just make an exact copy of themselves—they are able to produce the type of cell needed by each part of your body. Even if the follicle cells on your scalp are dying, stem cells provide a solution by providing a perfect replacement: cells that are not only able to provide rejuvenation of the scalp, but to infinitely replicate and perpetuate growth.

New research in the cutting edge field of stem cell therapy has found that stem cells are the future of hair growth treatments. Internationally published results demonstrate that this technology can be outstandingly effective in the growth of hair, even in patients that have struggled with hair loss for years.


In this therapy, patients own blood is taken and sent to lab to prepare a layer of plasma, rich in platelets and different growth factors. It is then injected into the scalp with hair thinning/loss. This procedure is done under local anesthesia to make it nearly pain free. Topical antibiotics are then applied on the scalp before sending a patient home. Patient can shampoo after 1 day as usual and should AVOID sun exposure of the scalp for first 24 hours.


PRP seems to work better in patients with diffuse hair thinning caused by any cause including alopecia androgenetica (common baldness). It also found to be effective in alopecia areata. It is not that much effective in patients with complete baldness and scarring alopecia. It can be used in conjunction with minoxidil, finasteride & hair replacement surgery (hair transplant).
There's hope for those who are struggling with thinning hair or pattern baldness. But the time to act is now—the sooner you start Hair Replacement Therapy, the more effective it can be in stimulating the growth of new hair, new cells and a new confidence.


It is a biological therapy. Prepared plasma contains platelets which are numerous than in normal blood. It has different growth factors especially PDGF and VEGF. Both these factors have significant positive effects on hair growth. PRP may actually wake up dormant stem cells in the follicles giving new hair growth. So this therapy gives strength to the existing hair, reduce hair fall and likely to increase the actual number of hair by stimulating the stem cells.


Generally hair shaft become thicker and looks more lustrous with reduction in hair fall within 4-6 weeks while new growth is likely in about 4 months. Repeated sessions are generally needed but it is completely individual basis and hence decided only by Dr. Deepali after a thorough examination.

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As patients own plasma is used, it is unlikely to risk in anyway. No untoward side effects have been reported so far except some patients might feel burning/soreness sensation which last for a day or so.


One is likely to need to repeat this therapy once in 3-4 months to keep the progress going. But, completely dependent on the etiology of hair fall and hair thinning, age of the patient taking the treatment, etc.


  • It is a day care procedure which takes about 5hrs. from the time the blood sample is taken till the procedure is done and is done as an outpatient. No hospital admission is required.
  • Generally done under local anesthesia but can be done without local anesthesia too.
  • Over all a great result and only treatment which makes hair thicker by a certain degree in most of the patients.


  • Head Wash is not allowed for 1 day post procedure.
  • Avoid too much of sun exposure for two days post procedure.
  • Follow the medicines prescribed by Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj only after 24 hours of the treatment.

Prp for skin- Vampire Facial

Magical Vampire facials

At least there are half a dozen modern facials of today which are hi-end , exotic and latest in the beauty market. PRP facial in which injections are given of PRP- platelet rich plasma after being prepared from persons own blood who is undergoing for the treatment are very good for anti ageing as the potion is very rich in the growth factors (PRP) hence helps in enriching skin truly and also it gives a rejuvenated look and glow to the skin which lasts longer than any other facial possible! Also, this erases the already set wrinkles a bit and definitely prevents new from forming. This facials start somewhere from 15,000/- and go upto 25,000/-per facial session depending on the area of face and the amount of PRP to be done.

PRP facials also called in the West as Vampire Facials whose result will last as long as 8-10 months where other magical medical facials result generally persist on only till 1-2 months depending on the kind of facial done and type of skin, etc.

Ageing Is a dynamic process and daily due to breakage of the collagen fibrils we loose strength and skin becomes loose and lax besides also with age the growth factors reduce in circulation which aids this process besides other factors like stress, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc which causes ageing to show more. PRP is definitely a one-up above Botulinum Toxin as its natural and preventive besides being palliative! Also PRP can never go wrong or produce any possible side effects when done in trained hands and prepared well.

Downtime is 12 hours as there can be alight redness of face besides general sore feeling on face at touching. Side effects is nil possible as from patients blood and since it's a blood product it leads to no bruise either. Age group early 30's to 70.

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There are no side effects of this procedure as this procedure is done with the patient's own blood.


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