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It is a bit embarrassing, even presumptuous, for me to self-introduce myself generally! In this Lockdown I saw my clinic website which wasn’t updated since 2011 so here I am writing a bit on my journey. So, here’s my travelogue as a professional dermatologist, social worker and more.

I am a practitioner of the art of making people look beautiful, feel good about themselves and those around them. In that sense, I am also a bit of a psychologist. I practice science in an artistic manner. I always wanted to be a fashion designer in school and I am from the same school as Ms Ritu Beri. But my mother had visions to see me nothing shorter than a doctor. She inspired me and like her I pursued MBBS.

On becoming a doctor, I consciously took up dermatology as my specialisation after initial stints at AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital. I was also Consultant Dermatologist to a few private Hospitals in Delhi.Visiting Faculty AIIMS Rishikesh.Clinic at Defence Colony and visiting Doctor at Mumbai.Member Technical Advisory Group committee Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Menstural Hygiene and Member Advisory group of Medical Tourism by Ministry of Tourism This initial work built the foundation and encouraged me to start a clinic of my own as early as in 2011.

So I did DVDL and then no looking back in my studies till date as I did 2 most prestigious fellowships from both Nationally most recognised society’s in Dermatology IADVL and ACSI.

I went to do fellowship from EADV (Europe) at Munich, Germany and also ISD (USA) at Tehran, Iran.

I studied a course at Bangkok. Followed by at Singapore, Florence (Italy). Presented papers at various National and many International platforms and till date I read voraciously and also go for training’s only so I can give my best to patients here.

I believe The skin packages the persona and is therefore a crucial element of the human anatomy being surely the largest organ too. I see myself as a designer of the skin, an artiste who seeks to restore God’s work in oil on the epidermis . Nature’s body canvass I work on! All paintings at my home and clinic are done by me except 2-3 which were gifted pieces of art by renowned artists.

My first award as a dermatologist came even before I began my independent work. Thereafter, there has been no looking back, be it peer recognition or public approval of my work. I am grateful totally to Almighty and all in society for same. In sum, I have received more than thirty awards till date from various Professional Organizations, NGOs and Trusts of repute.

Dermatology being a highly competitive stream of medicine, I have strived to upgrade my knowledge by adapting to latest technology in my work area. My patients get the best any specialist of my genre can offer anywhere in the world. That pursuit has taken me to various world capitals for training and interaction with top-of-the- line specialists. My Clinic in Delhi is well known in many other countries and I feel proud and grateful that patients come to my country and to me for their treatment and I have had honour to treat several celebrities of certain countries at an early stage of my career too.

I can safely claim without sounding boisterous that I am a guiding inspiration for many upcoming doctors interested in dermatology and cosmetology. My State-of-Art clinic isn’t merely a proof of my dedication to my work. It is my tribute beyond business, to the beauty of humankind. To take the campaign ahead, I have put in place a trust to reach dermatology that is otherwise expensive for the poor and the needy too from Day1.

I have the impetus to make my country look beautiful and live hygienic and disease free. For it is the people who are the face of any country, especially one that has many colours and sounds. That vision I have got from my over two year long innings as Honorary Dermatologist at President Estate Clinic, Rashtrapati Bhawan ;also from 2011 besides treating skin for who is who of the country and also International celebrities every Thursday morning 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and now since 2017 we are having several skin care, menstrual hygiene camps, women health camps, etc on a regular monthly basis.

Since you are reading my journey, I shall be glad if you read on Deepanjan Charitable Trust and contribute time / hygiene products/ medicines for camps / money so as to meet its aims and objectives more effectively and more efficiently as for several skin issues that I can treat. But I treat he cures and Kindness and giving back to the society is most enriching way of life! I pray this lockdown is over soon with less damage and recalibration of human minds towards nature, humans and more of WE culture than I. Surely post lockdown I may not see my website again for a year! And with love of my patients I don’t have to do any marketing which I can proudly say never done in start of my career and surelt wouldn’t do now. Thanks. Stay blessed!


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